Science for the People

Science for the People (SftP) is a nationwide organization that engages in research, activism, and science communications for the betterment of society, ecological improvement, environmental protection, and to serve human needs. Members of Science for the People consist of STEM workers, educators, and activists who are socially and ethically focused, and believe that science should be a positive force for humanity and the planet.

The Atlanta Chapter

Here in Atlanta, our local chapter builds on a rich local community of scientists and science enthusiasts to connect scientists with the Atlanta community. Our work seeks to bring scientific insight into local discourse and grassroots actions, as well as bettering scientific research and technologies with local knowledges and connecting with the needs of various communities. Our strategy is two-fold: 1) agitating from within the science research community for better practices, such as community-focused research, open science principles, decolonizing the scientific canon and expanding “accepted” modes of knowledge production; 2) take science out of the Ivory Towers to get scientists in touch with community issues and to share STEM-related skills & resources and use them to affect change that improves the lives of people and the health of the environment.