COVID-19 Mutual Aid

We are disseminating information about community aid programs for those affected by COVID-19

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"Don't just defend science, mobilize it for the people"

– Professor Sigrid Schmalzer, SftP

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Inclusive Science

The perspectives of oppressed groups such as women and minorities have often been left out of the production of scientific knowledge. SftP works to include the voices of those historically excluded from scientific discourse.

Participatory Science

SftP works directly with individuals and communities most impacted by scientific research. We position them as leaders in framing research questions, assigning interpretations, and designing meaningful solutions.

Accessible Science

Enabling open access to our methods, practices, results, and analyses is at the core of SftP activism. We consider accessible science not only free and publicly available, but written in a way that is understandable to non-experts.

Our Work

Collaboration with Local Organization

SftP works with local organizations on issues of social justice to determine needs, collaborate on ideas, and provide informed assistance that enhances communities.

Open Science and Research

The outcome of research and activities carried out by SftP are free and open to the public.

Science Advocacy

SftP works to raise awareness about the importance of inclusive, participatory, and accessible science both within and outside of the scientific community.

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